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Jardin d'enfants

fondé en 2000 par

Sonia Weisdorfer





Sonia, the first caregiver, founder of P’tibouts, upon arriving in Bangkok in 1992, joined the team of childminders at the Lycée Français where she acquired a great deal of experience. She is the fairy of the P’tibouts, has golden fingers and an overflowing imagination, unfailing patience and a pastry talent that delights little tummies. Adele, mother of a 20 month old baby girl, trained educator for several years, she is delighted to be part of the team. Creative and passionate, she shows extreme patience with our little ones. Adèle, 2nd caregiver, mother of a 20 month old girl, educator by training for several years, she is delighted to be part of the team. Creative and passionate, she shows extreme patience with our little ones. Sonia is assisted by her faithful Wandee who bears her first name perfectly: she is Peter Pan's little fairy, gentle and efficient! Her overflowing love for the little ones, she has shared with our team for over twelve years. While knowing how to remain firm and fair to the little ones, his patience and kindness only increased with his experience and contributed to the harmony of our group for all these years.

Susu joined the team in 2016. Through her investment, patience and gentleness, she contributes to the team's balance and to the efficiency of our project.


For the success of our project, we accept a maximum of 16 children with our mothers, because our desire is to keep a family atmosphere, a reassuring emotional environment and to avoid too much turbulence and agitation for the comfort of the little ones and especially to ensure maximum attention to each child.


Une crèche où toutes les activités sont données en français (pour respecter la routine et developper au maximum le langage). Mais les maternantes peuvent également parler en anglais ou en thaïe pour réexpliquer une consigne ou rassurer un enfant non francophone.


In our small school, the activities offered help the psychic and motor development of young children and gradually prepare them for entry into kindergarten. They act on the body and the senses to develop children's creativity and better stimulate language. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Inspired by Montessori pedagogy, these activities cover the areas of language (oral expression, nursery rhymes, speech, finger games, etc.), motor skills, exploration of the senses (cooking), musical and bodily expression. , plastic arts, manual activities, mathematics (puzzles, etc.) and socialization through play.


Indeed, socialization is at the heart of our educational project.

The family is the first medium of socialization for young children. It is called "primary". It is with you, his parents, as well as with siblings that your little one learns to behave with others. "Secondary" socialization is what he will discover when he is among his comrades and among the educators around him.

In addition to the year-round welcome formula, we offer 3 groups of thematic activities (P'tits explorateurs, P'tits cuistots and P'tits artists) thanks to which parents will be able to discover the extent of their children and toddlers have new experiences.


At P’tibouts, everything has been done to create a francophone environment favorable to the development of the language of toddlers. In a charming house with garden, set back and quiet, located at the end of Yenakart, near Rama 4 and Sathorn, we welcome children from 1 to 3 years old, the age of entry into kindergarten.

Our activities are supervised by mother-nurses who speak English and Thai if necessary to comfort the non-French-speaking child, but are given entirely in French to stimulate language learning.

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