Jardin d'enfants

fondé en 2000 par

Sonia Weisdorfer


Children like to find a familiar rhythm, a certain routine, they learn to anticipate them and rejoice!


- Being able to observe a phenomenon without intervening
- Recognize his photo
- Recognize his symbol / first name
- Motor skills (put a card in a pocket)

A personalized card for each child containing his portrait, his first name and designated symbol (this is a small animal or object children have chosen themselves at the beginning of the year). 

A bus in three dimensions with a location for each card containing only the name and the sign of the child.


All the children sit on the carpet. We call them one by one. The other children remain quietly seated, which is a feat for kids under the age of three. 
When his name is called, the child gets up and has to find his card from those on the table. Then he must place it on the bus above his name/symbol (the photo is not included). Each child is then applauded and congratulated.